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Do you have back pain?  Sore muscles?  Sport issues? Whether you're looking for treatment to relax, deep tissue or other ailments. 

Come see a massage therapist who can help

RMT Receipts available for insurance

Have an event or group in the area?  Call or text regarding Mobile massage!     

Kerri Kalverda RMT


Collingwood, Ontario

Head Massage


Monday: 2-7 pm

Tuesday: 3-6 pm

Wed:  12-5 pm

Friday: 12-7 pm

Contact for weekend availabilitiy


Office hours do vary, for more details check out appointment times available 

Book online today

Mobile massage available!

Please call or text for more information and booking

PLEASE NOTE mobile massage can not be booked by this option

For more options regarding offices hours, groups or in home contact directly via email or text 

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