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Swedish Massage:  The most requested type of massage which uses a variety of techniques which may include petrissage, tapotements, effleurage and vibration

Deep Tissue:  Focuses on deep muscle layers and connective tissue for realignment.  Uses a firm pressure with slower strokes making it great for chronic pain and injury

Relaxation:  The perfect way to maintain mental and physical health.  Also can decrease stress levels, increase circulations and reduce muscle tension

Trigger Point Therapy:  A Trigger Point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in another area of the body which is referral pain.  Trigger Point Therapy helps to release the constricted area and reduce the associated pain

Benefits & Conditions

Reduce stress ~ Increase Circulation ~ Promote Tissue Health ~ Increase Joint Mobility & Health ~ Stimulate Immune Function ~ Increase Lymphatic Return ~ Decrease Muscle Spasm ~ Increase Relaxation 

Tension Headaches ~ Triggers Points ~ Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy ~ Postural Dysfunctions ~ Joint Dysfunction ~ Whiplash ~ Strains & Sprains

What to Expect

In Home Clinic

For initial visit, arrive 5 minutes prior to your treatment.  Please fill out a health history form provided to you before hand sent to you via your confirmation.  Your therapist will give you an assessment which helps to understand the clients problem and perspective.  This will assist in determining the best treatment plan to address the cause of concern.

Your therpist is aware that not all clients who need care have the mobility to receive it.  Based on you circumstance, your therapist may be able to come to you to porvide a mobile massage.  Contact Kerri to learn more.

Mobile Massage

A confirmation will be sent to either your email or text where you will find your health form to fill out.  Please have this ready prior to your treatment.  Your therapist will arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to set up. To get the most out of your experience its best to use a space that is quiet and free of distraction although we can work around children, pets or noises if needed.

A space that is open and allows the therapist to move around the table comfortably is ideal. 

The therapist will ask that you provide linens of 2 sheets and 1 pillow case or small towel per treatment.  Your therapist will provide the rest! 

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